The Shakti Yoga Wheel® Guides

  • As the yoga wheel practice is becoming even more popular, our guides include in-depth instructions for each pose, so that people of all levels and during pregnancy can benefit from using The Shakti Yoga Wheel®.
  • If you have questioned if a yoga wheel will be useful in your practice, you will be exuberantly happy to find every yoga wheel posture particularly described.
  • With these guides you will discover how the yoga wheel supports your practice, allowing you to experience a fuller expression of each pose. We are sure The Shakti Yoga Wheel® will become an invaluable new tool for your practice.
  • In the Shakti Yoga Wheel® – 98 Postures Guide you will find a variety of exercises, poses, and flows to help strengthen your core, increase your flexibility, improve your balance and stability, and deepen your backbends.
  • In the Shakti Yoga Wheel® – Enjoy Your Pregnancy With An Open Heart guide you will discover how you can use the yoga wheel as a new tool to make your pregnancy more comfortable and to prepare for more easeful labor.