The Shakti Yoga Wheel™

The Shakti Yoga Wheel® - 98 Posture Guide (e-book)

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As the yoga wheel practice is becoming even more popular, we decided to revise the guide by adding in-depth instructions for each pose, so that people of all levels can benefit from using The Shakti Yoga Wheel™.

If you have questioned if a yoga wheel will be useful in your practice, you will be exuberantly happy to find each and every yoga wheel posture particularly described.

With this guide you will discover how the yoga wheel supports your practice, allowing you to experience a fuller expression of each pose. We are sure The Shakti Yoga Wheel® will become an invaluable new tool for your practice.

In this Shakti Yoga Wheel® – 98 Postures Guide you will find a variety of exercises, poses, and flows to help strengthen your core, increase your flexibility, improve your balance and stability, and deepen your backbends.


The Shakti Yoga Wheel® - 98 Posture Guide

(Revised Version 1.2 - 2017)

Provides a unique

- Warm Up & Standing Flow Sequence

- Standing Poses & Hip Openers Part 1 and 2

- Core Strength & Arm Balances

- Backbends

- Inversions

- Side Bends, Twists & a Restorative Sequence

 What to expect:

„Backbends & Hip Openers.“

Back bending postures can be tough, but the Shakti Yoga Wheel® makes a back bending and hip opening practice playful, easy and effortless! The asana using the Shakti Yoga Wheel will lead you through a heart opening experience.

“Arm Balances & Inversions." 

In this fun-filled postures we will look at how to challenge new muscles in familiar asana, find new steadiness in balance poses, side bends, arm balances and inversions, such as handstands, forearm stand, Crow/Crane all while using the Yoga Wheel.  

"Side Bends, Twists & a Restorative Sequence."

The restorative yoga sequence involves eight highly effective yoga poses, supported by the yoga wheel that allows you to relax and rest completely. Restorative poses include light twists, seated forward folds, and gentle backbends.


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Regular exercise can help you control your weight and strengthen your bones and muscles. But if it's been awhile since you've exercised and you have health issues or concerns, it's a good idea to talk to your doctor before starting a new exercise routine. Make sure, that your body gets a warm up before you start using the Shakti Yoga Wheel. The Shakti Yoga Wheel - 98 Posture Guide is only available as an e-book.

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