Jessyca Heinen-Collesei, AZ, USA

Shakti Yoga Wheel®  Founder & Director

Jessyca, E-RYT 500+, is a certified Jivamukti, Ashtanga and Anusara Elements teacher, founder and director of Shakti Yoga & The Shakti Yoga Wheel®, USA.

Her work over the past few years has focused on supporting and mentoring the “next generation” of yoga students and teachers, through unwavering devotion to the spiritual teachings of yoga, clear cutting edge class content, and teaching playfulness on the Shakti Yoga Wheel®, she developed the Shakti Yoga Wheel® Method to deepen and enhance the yoga practice for every level. Jessyca lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband Oliver and their two cats, dog Milo and horses.

 Yoga Alliance YACEPYoga Alliance E-RYT 500

Elena Long, AZ, USA

Certified Shakti Yoga Wheel® Teacher

Elena Long


Elena teaches Anusara yoga, Vinyasa yoga, and kid's yoga in Fountain Hills and Scottsdale, Arizona. When she first saw a yoga wheel, she knew she wanted to play around on it. Her favorite thing to do on the wheel is using it as a tool for passively working into backbends.It opens the chest and softens the upper back, prepping your body for deeper bending. And it feels so great!

Her other favorite thing to do on the wheel is handstand press. Nothing will work your core and get you ready to press-up into a handstand quite like the yoga wheel.


Gila Shire, AZ, USA

 Certified Shakti Yoga Wheel® Teacher
The Shakti Yoga Wheel® Teacher - Gila Shire


With a 14-year background in nursing, Gila always loved to work with people. After she moved from Germany to Phoenix, AZ in 1997, she became a certified massage therapist and built her private practice.  Her Yoga Journey started in 2002 with her first Anusara inspired YTT.

Advanced studies followed since then, including getting certified with Judith Laster. She is an E-RYT500+ and specializes in prenatal, therapeutic, restorative & yin yoga.  Over the last decade, she has been co-teaching at many of the local yoga teacher training. In addition, she developed a 20hr. Prenatal yoga teacher training, which she is teaching several times a year throughout the valley. Her work always connected her with pregnant moms, and some of her clients asked her to attend their births....that's when she learned about the work of Doulas and realized that she had served women for several years without knowing about the profession! She became officially trained with DONA in 2010.

Since then she added her postpartum training, trained with the ‘sacred Pregnancy’ movement and studied ‘Birth into being’ under Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova. 

She offers prenatal & cupping massages, is a placenta crafter and teaches Bengkung Belly Binding to her clients. Gila’s latest endeavor as a doula brings everything she learned over more than 2 decades into a full circle: her years of hospital & nursing work, the natural birth experience of her daughter Talisa in 1991 (which got her onto the holistic path ), her 2 bonus-grandchildren and her passion for health & life.

Those are all valuable tools she offers to women to support them at their most unforgettable, sacred & natural event they deserve: giving birth, which is a true celebration and can be embraced as a sacred rite of passage.


Amber Samplin, AZ, USA

Certified Shakti Yoga Wheel® TeacherThe Shakti Yoga Wheel Teacher - Amber Samplin


Amber's yoga journey began in 1998. She instantly fell in love with how the practice allowed her mind, body and soul to harmoniously unite. These feelings were foreign to her competitive nature from years of athletic competition.

She found a regular yoga practice to be just the counterbalance she needed.Finally, after many years and many yogic journeys she heeded to the call of teaching. Amber is an E-500 hr RYT. Her first 200 hours were through YogaWorks and an additional 500+ with SmartFLOW by Annie Carpenter.

The training she has received through her master instructor, Annie, gives her the necessary tools and confidence to provide each student with proper alignment, intelligent sequencing, and creative, individualized transformational techniques. You'll find Amber's classes to be uplifting in nature~always seeking the balance. Bringing yoga to the masses is truly her joy to share with everyone.


Yevgeniya (Zhenya)Kozochkina, AZ, USA

Certified Shakti Yoga Wheel® Teacher
Zhenya Kozochinka, Shakti Yoga Wheel Teacher


With over a decade of self-practice and teaching experience, Yevgeniya (Zhenya) Kozochkina is 500-RYT, Shakti Yoga Wheel Method®, specializing in teaching students new to yoga and those with limitations. Her unique approach to teaching pulls from a variety of yoga practices, including but not limited to; Iyengar, Ashtanga, Yin, Yoga Nidra and Restorative.


Zhenya’s passion for yoga began after a car accident which resulted in a continuous upkeep of the mental, physical, and spiritual bodies. Her favorite exercises on the Yoga Wheel are rolling out the spine to easily work out kinks and pinched nerves, as well as crazy fun balancing acts!

Connect with her on Instagram:


Emmie F, ON, Canada

 Certified Shakti Yoga Wheel® Teacher

Emmie V

Emmie has an extensive background in dance.  She began dancing at the age of three and continued on to dance until the age of 25.

Being an ex-dancer, her muscle seized up, her arthritis acted up and she physically didn’t always feel good.   Yoga has been one thing that makes her feel strong, healthy and centered.  Her yoga practice has literally changed her life and she really loves to share this gift of yoga with others.  She adjusts her classes to her student’s abilities because when she teaches, she is there for them and she wants them to have a great experience and hopefully help them mentally, spiritually or physically.

She teaches Wheel Yoga (Shakti Yoga Method), Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, but also offers gentle stretch, chair/accessible yoga which she is currently educating herself on.  She is always learning, researching and attending classes herself because she herself is still a student and she finds it important to constantly learn. 

One of her biggest goals with yoga while informing and educating her students is to push aside people’s fears and misconceptions of yoga.

“I believe that yoga is for everyone no matter shape or size, old or young, athlete or not, flexible, not flexible and so on".  There are many misconceptions about yoga which really affects people’s thoughts on attending classes and how they feel about yoga.  One of my goals is to go past these misconceptions and show people that yoga IS FOR YOU… IT’S FOR EVERYONE!”

Show your inner you! Visit her at



Courtney Sheber, AZ, USA

Shakti Yoga Wheel® Ambassador

The Shakti Yoga Wheel® - Ambassador

Courtney found Yoga about 10 years ago, and the practice has transformed her life both on and off the mat. She views yoga as an ongoing journey and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and energy with others. She believes the physical and spiritual practice is key to living a happy, vibrant life.

She earned her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification at Dave's Astanga Yoga and is currently in her 300-hour program at Modern Yoga Scottsdale, where she is also the Studio Manager and teacher.

In her classes, she blends movement with breath and uses unique, mindful transitions, while remaining playful and inspiring. "I am always searching for ways to deepen my own practice, so I decided to take a Shakti Yoga Wheel workshop and fell in love with the wheel! 

It has been a helpful tool in opening up my shoulders for backbends and inspires me to try new poses that may not always be accessible. It's a fun way for me to work on alignment and play with unique balancing postures."

Her goal is to help others enhance their mind, body, and spirit through yoga so that you leave the mat feeling positive and ready to conquer anything!

You can follow her on Instagram @courtney_yoga or visit 



Carolina Rossi-Bolinger, TX, USA

 Shakti Yoga Wheel® Ambassador

Carolina is an International Yoga instructor. She is a true, born and raised Brazilian.  For years she worked for one of the biggest companies in the world, but this brought with it a very unhealthy and stressful lifestyle. She started taking yoga classes to bring balance and health back to her life and she quickly fell in love with it, so much so, that in 2002 she joined a Yoga Teacher Training course in Brazil, quit her job as an executive and started teaching yoga full time.

In 2006 she moved to Australia and taught Yoga all over the country for 3 years. There she learned English and received her Fitness and Personal Trainer Certification. Always in search of a new journey, Carolina moved to England to join Royal Caribbean as their Fitness Director and Yoga instructor where she also received her nutrition, weight loss, and detox education.

After teaching onboard cruise ships all over the world and meeting so many different people, Carolina is now based in Austin Texas. "It's my passion to help others to find balance, health, and joy in their lives. It's never too late to start Yoga; it can truly change your life for the better as it did mine!"

Caroline is the owner of Flow Flow in Austin, TX



Laura Lange, Wiltshire, UK

Shakti Yoga Wheel® AmbassadorThe Shakti Yoga Wheel - Ambassador

Laura is a long time Ashtanga Yoga Practitioner and Teacher based near Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK with real love and passion for the practice. She also owns and manages a Wellbeing center where she works as a licensed Acupuncturist, which really helps her to understand the energetics of the asanas and how they affect the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Here classes are strong, energetic and fun...

Her Ashtanga Yoga is an amazing practice for developing some serious strength and flexibility in body and mind. Outside of her daily Ashtanga Vinyasa practice she loves playing creatively with poses and exploring hybrid postures and different variations - Arm balances are a real favorite of mine!

She loves using the Shakti Yoga Wheel to help deepen her backbends & add an extra challenge to balances of all kinds! She says,  "There are so many ways you can use it to advance your practice, it really is an incredible tool".

You can find her on Instagram where she hosts yoga challenges and shares tips and tutorials at @omniyogagirl 



Nadine Plum, NRW, Germany

Certified Shakti Yoga Wheel® TeacherNadine Zaunbrecher

Nadine started her sports career with an intensive passion for dancing.During her professional education as a gymnastics teacher, she fell in love with yoga.She has been receiving more peace, power, and patience for her life than she ever imagines even when life was pretty hard on her sometimes…..After her professional education, she went through differently advanced yoga training and started teaching small groups.

Her goal is helping people moving their bodies with grace and fluency and teaching to observe the body needs and also what the body and the mind are capable of. Finding own inner peace and balance through yoga and learning more about who you are and what you want for yourself.

For her, the yoga wheel is a perfect prop to support the body in different Asanas in a yoga class and also to create other more challenging Asanas. “It´s such a great experience to use and work with the yoga wheel because it also increases the fun factor bringing a smile on every participant face.”

Her classes are inspired by Vinyasa Yoga flows bringing balancing, powerful Asanas creatively together.

You can find Nadine on Facebook @fitmitdina