Frequently Asked Questions

Does this help with upper and lower back pain?

YES! The yoga wheel works wonders on your back, hip flexors, chest, and shoulders. This product is recommended by several physical therapists and has much more use than just a yoga prop.

How does the yoga wheel compare to a foam roller?

The yoga wheel and foam roller are different, but similar in many ways. A traditional foam roller is used to massage deep tissue and help loosen muscles. Many people use foam rollers as a way to air out their muscles. While the yoga wheel can serve this same purpose, it is more focused on stretching your core and rolling out your spine. The yoga wheel is incomparable when it comes to warming up for your workout or getting that deep stretch we all crave. It also helps you practice toward and achieves those yoga poses that the pros are doing! 

How durable is this item?

So far, the product continues to impress. The hard plastic inner tube core retains shape, making the product much firmer than a typical foam roller (which tends to soften and lose shape with use)

Does it target the spine?

Yes, it does a great job opening up and popping backs, while not being too strenuous at the same time.

How can it help enhance my workout?

Not only can the yoga wheel be used to open up your back before your workout, but it can also be widely used to enhance easy to difficult poses

What materials are the wheels made from?

The wheels are made from yoga mat and an eco-friendly cast synthetic polymer PVC and ABS Combo which is much stronger than other PVC material.

How much weight can it withstand?

1000 lbs / 500kg

What is the diameter of THE SHAKTI YOGA WHEEL?

The diameter of our wheel is 12.5 inches / 32cm. We have yogis ranging from 4.9 feet / 150 cm to over 5.9 feet / 180cm on our team, and the 32cm wheel seems to work great for all.

What if I I am not happy with my SHAKTI YOGA WHEEL?

We know you’ll love your Shakti Wheel as much as we do. In fact, if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, just return your Shakti Wheel within 30 days and we’ll issue a full refund.The Shakti Yoga Wheel®- Satisfaction Guarantee