The Shakti Yoga Wheel®- Beginner Essentials

This premium yoga wheel is for anybody who wants to move better. We love yoga from our hearts, and we are sure you will love your new yoga tool too.

Use THE SHAKTI YOGA WHEEL® to roll out your back and improve mobility. Enhance and deepen your practice and bring it to the next level. Studies* show that

    • 80% of yoga practitioners have a good balance compared to 64% of non-practitioners
    • 75% of yoga practitioners being physically strong compared to 57% of non-practitioners
    • Yoga practitioners are significantly more involved in many other forms of exercise than non-practitioners

      We are creating high-quality yoga wheels to change your yoga experience. Using THE SHAKTI YOGA WHEEL® in your yoga practice and workout can provide practitioners with lots of benefits such as increased circulation and flexibility, improved range-of-motion, better balance, improved gait and decreased muscle and joint pain. Get inspired by more than 18 years of yoga experience!

      Regular use of THE SHAKTI YOGA WHEEL® can be beneficial in preventing or recovering from injuries, maintaining and improving mobility and preparing the body for peak performance.

      * The 2016 Yoga in America Study Conducted by Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance