How to Use Different Types of Yoga Props

The Shakti Yoga Wheel®- How to Use Different Types of Yoga Pops

The use of Yoga props to amplify the yoga practices has been a topic of discussion and observation since the advent of the contemporary age of Yoga. While certain entities mistake the application of a prop as a sign of weakness and futility, a majority of advanced yogis proclaim the prop application to be highly rewarding and helpful in extracting the most out of their yoga practice. In reality, the function of a yoga prop is quite simple, “to offer support wherever needed, irrespective of whether it is needed for deep-tissue relaxation or for improving the performance or for posture correction.”

If you are looking to elevate your yoga performances to a higher level or aiming to achieve deeper mind-body rejuvenation through yoga, then consider including a few essential yoga props into your routine. Here are some of the most-avowed yoga props and their applications to get started with:


 Yoga Blocks

A Yoga Block is highly useful in advancing the yoga practice while performing the standing and sitting yoga asanas. These are excellent for those who are building their flexibility and are making efforts to bridge the gap between the floor and their body during the intense bending positions. With the help of a yoga block, the distance between the arm and the floor can be minimized. These blocks are available in various variants such as wood, PVC, fabric, etc. For traditional authenticity, wooden blocks are ideal. Buy these in a pair for extracting multiple uses. For starters, keep a yoga block on the floor to support your hand when bending forward in Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend Yoga Pose) position. 

Yoga Blocks


Yoga Straps

The ultimate body-lengthening and conditioning tools, Yoga straps come in handy when performing intense restorative yoga postures and attempting to open the mental and physical blocks within the body and mind with ease. These can also be used to gently support the muscles while performing deep stretches with its support. These are ideal for opening up the stiff muscles and joints. You can shop for these in varying lengths, thicknesses, and materials according to the practice requirements and comfort.


Yoga Straps


Yoga Mat

A yogi, whether a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced level is practically incomplete without a sturdy and supportive yoga mat. Yoga Mats have their significant uses when performing the various asanas that require integration and prolong holding time. Yoga Mat provides a stable, withholding, and supportive surface for refined yoga practices. Choose from a variety of yoga mats available in the market according to the season and yoga style.

Shakti Yoga Mat


Yoga Wheel

This one is one of the trendiest members in the list of yoga props. A Yoga Wheel finds its usage in healing the body and stilling the mind while it is also used for deep restorative purposes and correction of the postures during adjustment and alignment. Perform intense backbends on a yoga wheel to achieve the perfect curve and alignment in the body.  A Yoga Wheel is especially good for enhancing the backbends while supporting the spinal curve with comfort and safety.



Yoga Sandbags

Lay in the Supta Baddha Konasana and place one of each yoga sandbag on the respective thigh and close your eyes. Feel the stress melt away from the legs, and a surge of revival passes through the body from the shins to the pelvis and through the abdomen. Need I say more? These mini yoga sandbags are efficient in providing instant stress deduction therapy to various parts of the body by gently pressing on the pleasure points and improving the blood circulation. Observe and experience a whole new, gentler facet of a sandbag during a yoga practice. Not just for the Kick-boxers, a sandbag is for the yogis too, even though the purpose and variants are different for both.





Ah! Bolster – the gateway to yogic heaven and an essential component of Restorative Yoga and Meditation Yoga sessions. When searching for these tube-like fluffy bolsters, you may choose from a variety as per the requirement and comfort. Lie in Savasana and place a bolster under each thigh and experience all the stress melt away into nothingness. Use it during the performance of Balasana or Child pose and place it right under the torso for completely surrendering your heart and soul into the soothing embrace of the Mother Earth. 


Yoga Bolster


A Yoga blanket comes in handy during various asana performances to provide gentle support and a more comfortable surface for performing inversions and floor exercises. Place it under the shoulders when performing the Shoulder Stand and measure the amount of pressure your body exerts on the surface by scrutinizing the impression or use it to cover the body during the practice of Yoga Nidra Meditation when the body begins to feel cold under the effects of the practice. Or simply place it under the back or neck to gently support the curve of your spine when lying in the Corpse Pose.

Yoga Plankets


Do not be anxious to seek the support of Yoga props to enhance your practice. Trust me! Including these yoga props would not make you any less of a Yogi. Instead, these props are your ticket to hone your skills and reach a higher level of yogic excellence. So, go on and try these to believe it!



Author Bio: Manmohan Singh is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He provides Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India. He loves writing and reading the books related to yoga, health, nature and the Himalayas.

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