Best ways to use a yoga wheel and its benefit on the body

The Shakti Yoga Wheel

In the beginning, yoga was mainly a way of living and philosophy. Today, it has branched out into diverse versions. You may adopt this popular transformed practice to get maximum health advantages. Yoga props like yoga wheel are also a unique and effective revolution to accomplish your yoga goals. Let’s know more about yoga wheels.

Yoga has grown through centuries - from traditional old methods to the modern world. We start involving various yoga props to get maximum benefits from the asanas. If you’re a regular practitioner, then you must’ve heard of the yoga wheel, or you may have seen photos featuring yoga wheel. It looks dynamic, challenging, and fun isn’t it? The good news is you may involve this wheel to your regular practice.

The Shakti Yoga Wheel

The yoga wheel is a revolutionary yoga prop designed to be versatile. It is available in a variety of sizes, you may choose according to your goal and purpose of using it. Let’s know about this revolutionary prop in detail. Stick to the article to know what is yoga wheel? How to use and what are the benefits of using it regularly:

What is a yoga wheel?

If you’ve ever been to a yoga studio, you’re probably familiar with the yoga mats, yoga props, blocks, and straps. You may not have heard about the yoga wheel. This is a newcomer in the world of yoga practice – narrow, wide, made of wood or plastic, and a combination of roughly 16 inches in diameter.

Why yoga wheels are so popular?

Perhaps the main reason for their popularity is we can use them in all ways. You may use the yoga wheel to attain mobility and flexibility, stability, and strength – a perfect way to enhance any of your fitness routines.

We all know amazing health benefits from the regular practice of yoga. We may take this to the next level by incorporating a yoga wheel into our practice. Yoga helps in deepening our yoga practice overall. You may get detailed knowledge of yoga props by doing yoga teacher training in India.


How we can use yoga wheel in our regular practice?

A yoga wheel is an effective tool no doubt. Have you ever wondered how we can incorporate yoga wheel into our daily practice of asana? Here are the 5 ways through which you can use this amazing tool into your regular practice. You may practice deeply and get enormous health benefits by joining yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. Here a tiny guide of using it for detail and authentic knowledge you may go to Rishikesh.

  1. Mobility and spinal massage: You can pamper your spine with a yoga wheel. Have you ever used bolster or blocks beneath your spine to support your heart? Take this amazing feeling and multiply it with a yoga wheel – yoga wheels are round and can move with the contours of our spine. You may use the yoga wheel to find a static hold with the center upper part. You may roll your spine on the yoga wheel to give it a gentle massage.
  2. Lengthen and stretch full body: You may lie down on your yoga wheel on your back and reach your hands back and up to grab the wheel behind your head. In this way, you stretch to open your shoulder and this helps in releasing tension from the neck, upper spine, and head.
  3. Tone our body: There are lots of fun and dynamic ways to tone our complete body. You may target a specific part of the body like, glutes, the core, and legs. You may also focus on the upper part of the body or the lower part as a whole. There is a wide range of options.
  4. Improves stability: Balance plays a crucial role in stabilizing muscles and core stability. The yoga wheel helps in developing the core balance, which improves stability for balance. You may use the yoga wheel to enhance and cultivate more balance, agility, and stability.
  5. Deepen your overall practice: Yoga wheels are the great support system to deepen your yoga practice. Yoga wheels support our backbends, strength, and tones your body, and cultivates balance and flexibility. You may get creative and explore the ways to incorporate yoga wheel into stretches, yoga poses, and exercise.

The Shakti Yoga Wheel


What are the benefits of using yoga wheels?

  • Yoga wheel helps you nail difficult stretches safely. It helps in releasing our back. It will help you a lot if you’re not a fan of practicing traditional backbends.
  • Yoga seems safe but less focus may cause injury. Yoga wheels help in preventing injuries. This tool is developed to work with your body, and you may practice brilliant things to prevent yourself from injury.
  • Yoga wheel helps in improving flexibility. According to experts, when we use the yoga wheel in our daily practice, it helps boost our confidence to stretch more than normal, which eventually allows our body to move in a way like never before.
  • Yoga wheel helps in relieving us from pains and aches. When we are in pain, workout becomes our least favorite activity. Instead of lying on the bed with a high dose of pain killers, you may practice gentle poses with a yoga wheel to soothe away discomfort and soreness for better results.
  • You may strengthen your spine by relying on the yoga wheel. You may feel off-balance or instability in initial stages, but when you get used to it, act like a support system. It boosts your confidence, and you’ll start feeling much stronger eventually.


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