10 Reasons For A Yoga Wheel Teacher Training

 Online Teacher Training 2020/2021

Your 200 hour YTT was probably life changing, right? But you also, probably learned that that was just the tip of the iceberg, right?

The yoga journey never ends, and there is always more to learn and explore. The Shakti Yoga Wheel™ is a unique tool that combines alignment principles, mental strength, and spiritual practice.  It is one of the most versatile inventions for our yoga practice as it helps both beginners and advanced students’ progress in their practice easily and healthily.  Oh, and did I mention it also happens to be fun and feel great on the body!  With so many options for more training, we think this Shakti Yoga Wheel Teacher Training adds unique and valuable skill to your teaching repertoire. 

Here are the top 10 reasons why we think you should take the Shakti Yoga Wheel™ teacher training.

1. Explore Your Body in a Different Way

Throughout your Shakti Yoga Wheel™ teacher training, you will feel and explore your body in familiar asanas but in a totally new way. By doing so, we are going to dive deeply into atomizing postures and look into how your body is expressing them.

You will learn so much about your unique physiology in this training, which will give you a lot of variety in your yoga practice. This training will take you deeper into the understanding of what your body can do, and what adjustments you can make for yourself to find more ease, health or even challenge in your practice.

2. Find Your Way Back To Natural Alignment

Here is what one of our students said after she joined the teacher training in 2016.

“In 20 hours training, I felt transformed. The approach is stunningly simple and confers immediate results for my students and me. I wholeheartedly endorse this program” ~ Kelsey Cusack, Studio Owner YogaSol, Alaska

Through your own experience in this training, you can heal, transform and learn how to keep yourself pain-free while sitting, standing, walking and practicing your beloved asana practice. The Shakti Yoga Wheel™ Method will also give you an additional tool to teach and coach your students healthily.

3. Learn A Unique Method That Allows You To Teach Differently

Our vision of what makes a yoga practice healthy will amaze you because the approach might be very different from what you have learned. The Shakti Yoga Wheel™ Method will give you instructional work that conveys information and techniques that deepen your yoga understanding and will be life changing for you and your students.

4. Learn The Art Of Rolling

Through the act of practice with Shakti Yoga Wheel™, you will learn how to use this tool effectively. Gain a deeper understanding of how the body and your fascia work and what you can do with The Shakti Yoga Wheel™ to support pregnant women in your classes and workshops. A comprehensive teacher manual gives enough material to teach from the very first day.

5. Reveal New Strength

In your Shakti Yoga Wheel™ yoga teacher training, you will be challenged; your ability to be aware of your postures might change because of alignment matters even more. Recognizing that everything in your body is interconnected. Also with this method, your breathing will be your highway to your brain and mental health to reduce stress, increase energy, so you will not only feel physically stronger, but mentally & emotionally as well.

6. Deepen Your Asana Practice

This training will focus on details, hold longer practice sessions and explore your new awareness of alignment.  Working with the Shakti Yoga Wheel™ will help bolster your yoga knowledge and bring it to the next level. You will learn in-depth therapeutic training methods to improve mobility, flexibility, posture, and performance to help you progressively remodel your body from inside out. Very likely that you will come out of this training expressing posture you never imagine you would be able to.

7. Creative Mental Stimulation

Using a Yoga Wheel in your practice and teaching with it gives your brain and the students brain a workout. Teaching can become routine and repetitive. Challenging your brain is stimulating and refreshing and will help you find new inspiration in your teaching.  

8. Raise Trust And Confidence In Your Playful Skills

Be a student. Learn to be a beginner again and gain continued empathy for your students, creating a playful experience. Challenging yourself to do something new will added depth and understanding to your teaching, and help to cultivate a light heart and a playful attitude.

9. 20-Hour Continuing Education Certified With Yoga Alliance

We are all students of yoga. Regardless of how accomplished you are as a teacher, success should inspire continued learning and growth. The Shakti Yoga Wheel™ training provides 20 Contact-Hours of training towards your Yoga Alliance registration/certification.

10. Opportunities Beyond Graduation

“In a time of drastic change, it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists.” ~ Eric Hoffer, US philosopher

New techniques, tools, and practices in physiological science are changing the ways yoga teachers teach. Yoga training, though rooted in tradition, is a “limitless garden” – there will always be something new to learn and discover.  Staying on top of your game will benefit you and your students.

By joining our Yoga Alliance certified Shakti Yoga Wheel™ online training, you will enlighten and amplify your teaching skills and techniques! Learn a unique method to enhance your student's practice and bring your teachings to the next level.

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Is the training open to anyone who has no formal yoga wheel experience?

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