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The Shakti Yoga Wheel® Method

I used to focus on growing the posture movement by teaching individuals—one back at a time where I owned a yoga studio. But over the years, after traveling around the globe, teaching classes, workshops, and entire offices the Shakti Yoga Wheel® Method, I've noticed that the results are deeper and better retained with groups or work groups.

One particular example of teaching an entire office comes to mind. An insurance office in Bonn, Germany arranged for employees to take the Shakti Yoga Wheel® Method as a course, and there was a significant synergistic effect in their results. Many years after completing the course, they still remind each other their corset and hip-hinge. The office administrator believes that having learned together "reinforced the method within our group. We have an ongoing dialogue." When you learn with a community, the lessons remain alive and growing, showing sustained results that are multiplied and supported by the group.

The Shakti Yoga Wheel®

Learn how to engage your inner corset to deepen back bend and support your spinal curves.

One of the workers from the insurance office remarked that "[we] helped each other remember some finer points and details of the techniques after we returned to the office. For example, remembering to use the breath to lengthen the spine when rolling along the spine to open up the shoulders and chest or hip-hinging properly." Undertaking a health initiative in the office introduced health into the conversation, bolstering the warmth and synergy of their office culture. Because of this "group effect," I routinely recommend that students in our training recruit a close friend, colleague or family member into the course with them.


Before and after - changed postioning of the neck, shoulders and lower back.

Enhanced knowledge how to move, sit, walk and lay down properly can vastly improve quality of life. As our daily life is full of unhealthy furniture combined with poor movements and habits, you can picture that you don’t need much to be able to find a comfy position, but you do need to steer clear of furniture that will set you up for bad posture. Rounded seats and overly padded couches can force you into painful positions, and an improper desk setup can discourage good posture practices.

We spend so many hours a week at work, therefore learning how to use the Shakti Yoga Wheel® is a wonderful opportunity for employees to increase the quality of the workplace simply by bringing in posture education and encouraging dialogue around form.

Groups I've taught have enjoyed a number of unexpected benefits, including:

  • less injury
  • faster healing
  • improved emotional outlook
  • improved skills in negotiation
  • increased peacefulness in body and mind

One of the German students took note of "the improved appearance of my coworkers and family. I think the use of the Shakti Yoga Wheel® and learning the method makes people look more youthful, attractive and vital."

How much of a difference do you think it would make to you if your colleagues were talking, thinking, and training in healthy posture? Please share in the comments below!

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