The Shakti Yoga Wheel™

Black Tiger Yoga Wheel

$ 39.00 $ 59.00


    Ready to get rocking and rolling? You won't believe how reviving of a stretch this yoga wheel gives you until you give it a roll for yourself!

    Designed to assist you as you strike all of those posture-perfecting poses never before imaginable, this yoga wheel is essential for any geared up yogi. Layered with the soft material used to craft yoga mats, this unique yoga prop relieves pressure points in order to enhance your stretching sessions.

          • Excellent for opening up your back, hips, chest, and shoulders
          • Lightweight and Portable
          • Super soft 0.7mm thick topping wit a natural rubber mat and cork for exquisite support
          • Diameter 32 cm/ 12.5 inch
          • Designed to withstand constant, heavy, and repeated use without breaking down (1000lbs)
          • Highly recommended for back pain patients and breastfeeding mothers
          • Contact us for large order discounts
          • ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE U.S. / Coupons & Gift Card restrictions may apply

    *U.S. domestic only.

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